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"How did Solomon ruin his life? This is the third hour of our study in the book of Proverbs. What I’d like to read to you is a verse. You can see here on the board, class three: How Did Solomon Ruin His Life? We are focusing on Proverbs 12:26. This is again, one of the key themes. There are 10 themes that we’re working through, of the probably 140 that some scholars have found in the book of Proverbs. About 70% of the book covers these 10 themes. We’ve seen in class one that true wisdom is salvation. We saw last hour that to do the will of God, to be servant-hearted, is the only way to have a life that never ends and the only way to have a life that doesn’t get burnt up. In this class, we’re looking at being not saved, not servant-hearted, but being selective in our friends. Now, look at this. How did Solomon, what’s the asterisk? The smartest, the richest, the most humanly blessed man on Earth that’s ever lived other than our Lord Jesus Christ. How did he ruin his life? Right here, proverbs 12:26. “The righteous,” whoa… the righteous are those who are saved. Who have wisdom from above. Who are living for eternal gain. They’re going God’s way. They are no longer going the way they were born. They’re not lost. They’re not living in foolishness. They’re not losing everything which is man’s way. Verse 26, “the righteous,” the saved, the wise, “should choose his friends carefully, for the way of the wicked leads them astray.” Look at the answer. How did Solomon ruin his life? Proverbs 12:26 introduces that huge theme of being selective in our friends. He didn’t select his friends God’s way. God says, verse 26, “choose your friends carefully.” What does that mean? Proverbs is a guide. It says these are the foolish and don’t befriend them. Don’t go their way. As a psalmist said, don’t walk or stand or sit with the ungodly and emulate their lifestyle. Really how Solomon ruined his life is because he didn’t heed God’s path of wisdom. He knew the Lord, but he had many foolish decisions that he made in his life. Back at the slides, how does Solomon ruin his life? This is just the third lesson of our Living Life God’s Way, as We’re Exploring the Book of Proverbs. The book of Proverbs has 10 main themes. We’re going to be looking at, we’re on that third one. Next time we’ll look at being submissive to God, which is humility and how that reveals the ultimate sin of pride and on you can go through that list of the topics. What God says is, be selective in your friendships." from video introduction.

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