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God Spoke in My Native Language, Warning of What was Ahead...

Video from 100 Huntley

"Wade Sanderson grew up in a large family of 10. He would often spend time in his teenage years wandering around his community, in Pinehouse Lake Saskatchewan, underneath the full moon and wonder about the reason for his life. It wasn’t until after he graduated from high school and got a job that he began drinking. His life became consumed with work and parties. He was involved in a serious roll-over car accident; 20 minutes before the accident, he heard a voice... Wade experienced an incredible encounter with the Lord that changed his life forever. He attended a tent meeting and was overcome by the incredible love and power of God. He realized the Holy Spirit had spoken to him. He stepped forward to be baptized that day and never looked back. Wade graduated with Practical Theology from Bible College, is married to a wonderful woman, and together they are raising their young son. Wade is passionate about ministry and helping people; so passionate that he has begun a ministry called “Inspire Fire” and is now spending his time traveling to churches, schools, Bible schools, one on one calls and emails, anything he can do to minister to other people he wants to be available and ready for God to use him however he chooses. To contact Wade for speaking engagements, please use this email:" from video introduction.

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