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Grace for the Children - John MacArthur

Video from Grace to You

Grace for the Children - John MacArthur

"The little booklet that you received, if you got one, has a little picture in there of the book that I finished called The War on Children. It will be available in January. It’s at the printer’s now. It was in the process of going through that book and taking stock with what is happening to the children of our culture that I felt like we as a church needed to affirm our commitment to children. That is a stewardship, obviously, that God has given to us, and we need to take it seriously. I know–I know we do.

What is happening to the children in this culture is horrific. It is disastrous both temporally and eternally. It is being played out by basically every interest group in our country, from the media to the politicians, to create a world that will assault children. But if you understand God’s interest in children, you will understand how serious the consequences are to action taken against children. In fact, Jesus made the comment that rather than offend a little one—using it as an illustration of a believer—you’d be better off for a millstone to be hanged around your neck and be drowned in the sea. God is watching how we care for children. And if there was no other evidence of the judgment of God on this nation than the way it has come to treat its children, that alone would evidence that God has moved in judgment against us.

The church and the gospel, of course, is the only hope for the next generation. And I know we’re all asking ourselves, What is the next generation going to be like? I can answer that biblically: It’s going to be worse, because the Bible says, “Evil men grow worse and worse.” It doesn’t get better, it gets worse. And that means that the people who will make this culture worse are the children of this generation. The influences you are very aware of; I don’t need to talk about those. What we’re concerned about is the right response, both as a church and as parents and individual believers..." Transcript

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