Growing Old Is A Blessing - Maria Alejandro

Video from TEDxtalks

"1.5 million people in New York City are over the age of 60—but we don’t do enough to cater to them, says seniors advocate Maria Alejandro. In this uplifting talk, she inspires us to accept aging as a natural and exciting part of life, and encourages us to find new ways to accommodate the elderly. Maria Alejandro believes that aging is beautiful, we just have to find ways to live healthily into old age. She’s the director of senior services at East Harlem’s Union Settlement." from video introduction.

Are you growing older to the glory of God?

Have you recognized the gifts Christ has afforded you through suffering and just living? We know that today is all we have yet we act like we control our days and where we go and what we do. Take time to thank your Lord for all he has done in your life and for those around you!

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