Hans Zimmer - Time - Most Inspirational Video Italy 4k

Video from Bashir Abu Shakra

"Hans Zimmer performing Time Soundtrack from Inception live mixed with a film I worked on 2 years alone to shot in the dolomites mountains of Italy. This music was chosen before the idea of starting all my adventures, I also used to listen to it while hiking/climbing to inspire me more while watching these scenes in real life. It pushed me for 2 years to have commitment and patience to wait for the perfect scenes to fit this powerful music from Hans Zimmer. Many disappointments, multiple climbing for a single mountain just hoping to capture the shot I'm imagining and dreaming of while this music is playing in my head all the time. This film is now officially competing in the in the Hans Zimmer international contest to make a music video for one of his most powerful scores, from which I chose this score. This film is the live orchestral version and some shots were updated and edited to fit with the competition. I'm not sponsored or supported financially by anyone. I'm trying to make my passion as full job by traveling and showing you the beauty of this world with inspirational films. You can help me take a step further into making new films in new countries around the world by donating, only if you feel the desire and ability to do so, don't feel your forced to do it: PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/BashirAbu?local...

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