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Have You Considered if You are Going to Heaven or Hell After You Die??

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Have You Considered if You are Going to Heaven or Hell After You Die??

Today have you spoken to your creator, your Lord? Have you confessed your sins and acknowledged that you are weak, insufficient and in need of God's grace and mercy? Today or tomorrow you may die and then you will stand before God! What will you say to him when he says "Depart I never knew you!"

NOW, today stop and cry out to God! Time is short!! - Andy

3 Signs You Are Going to Heaven (Will Shock You)

"3 Signs You're going to Heaven when you die that may surprise or shock you, things that prove a person is saved and a Christian going to Heaven and not Hell. By Joe Kirby from Off The Kirb Ministries." from video introduction.

Hell Will Not Unsettle Heaven

How many of us, if we’re honest, can barely stomach the thought of divine judgment?

We may genuinely believe the Bible, and acknowledge the reality (and rightness) of God’s wrath and an eternal hell, while mostly trying to avoid the subject. In a way, we tolerate God’s judgment, but our instinct is to turn away. At bottom, we may be a touch embarrassed by it. We celebrate Jesus’s self-sacrifice at the cross, but talk as little as possible about hell, even when sharing the gospel.

The idea that we might someday enjoy God’s justice and power on display in his judgment seems almost imponderable — much less the thought that we might actually appreciate him for it, even now.." from the article: Hell Will Not Unsettle Heaven

3 Signs You Are Going to Hell (This May Shock You)

"Churchgoers tormented in Hell because of this, 3 signs you're going to Hell and why you might not be saved even though you read the Bible and go to church." from video introduction.

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