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Hearing the Voice of God - Bishop Robert Barron

Hearing the Voice of God - Bishop Robert Barron

'Friends, the Book of Jonah is one of the shortest books of the Bible, yet it’s packed with profound truths about hearing and obeying the voice of God. On today’s episode of “The Word on Fire Show,” Brandon Vogt and I discuss this powerful little book. A listener asks, why did Jesus show up when he did and not at a different point in time? What would the world look like had he showed up later, or not at all? 00:00 | Intro 00:46 | Bishop Barron on Catholic Schools Week 01:51 | Bishop Barron’s recent conversation with Jordan Peterson 02:47 | Intro to the book of Jonah 04:41 | Jonah’s opening narrative 09:25 | Lessons from Luke’s road to Emmaus and Jonah 11:00 | The significance of Jonah’s storm 14:31 | The significance of Jonah’s fish 16:58 | Answering Jonah’s critics 18:22 | Jonah’s concluding narrative 20:17 | Jesus’ words on Jonah 22:48 | More resources on Jonah 23:34 | Listener question 26:17 | New book—“Princesses of Heaven: The Flowers” 27:13 | Special announcement about future of WOF Show" from video introduction

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