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Video from DTBM

"God’s eternal attribute is wrath against all unholiness is because He is just. That is totally affected by His love. So, His love makes Him have compassion, but His holiness and justice make Him have wrath. So, we meditate on the character of Jesus. Do you know that this Jesus Christ the Lord, who merits such praise, as worthy is the Lamb? That’s the song of Heaven. Worthy is the Lamb. He is worthy because He is loving. He is worthy because He’s the creator and we should worship Him. He is worthy because He is just. He’s worthy in His wrath. Now, some Christians have trouble with that. They say, how could a loving God create an eternal Hell? Remember, the scriptures tell us that Satan and his angels are who Hell was prepared for. It was not prepared for humans, but any human that will not take God’s offer to be born again, out of Satan’s family into Christ’s family will suffer the same wrath that Satan has. Jesus on the cross, Jesus justifies sinners who come to Him and faith. What that means is that God punishes Jesus, like He committed my sin. So, either I’m going to be responsible to pay for my sin forever – that’s Hell or I will forever be grateful to the one who already took the penalty, punishment, and even the record of my sin – that’s the everlasting gospel, to fear and worship the one who became sin for us. 001 Hell 031303 Hell Was Not Made for Humans Join the LAND OF THE BOOK channel to get access to weekly video releases over the next year totaling 50+ EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS that feature weekly in-depth Bible Study lessons with John & Bonnie. Plus all the assigned HOLY LAND STUDY RESOURCES, and John's two most loved books--David's Spiritual Secret & Living Hope for the End of Days at:" from video introduction


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