Helping the Body of Christ Throughout the World: Samaritans for Children - Uganda

Updated: Oct 1

Our calling in life above all else is to be a servant to the people and world around us. Christlikeness means sacrifice with no expectations of anything in return. Christ did this for us, on the cross and as you can see, we as sinful humans’ rebel, ignore and mock him.

In our Western culture many have grown weary of donations and donation/compassion fatigue has been a problem for a long time.

Yet we still must do what we are able either locally of internationally. For us here in the West the maxim “To whom much is given much is expected” certainly holds true. In America, the poor and middle class give far more to charity than the wealthy.

So here yet again is another opportunity to donate to people in need. Jesus said the poor will always be with us and that is true but many of the poor are not poor in Spirit as they have Christ Jesus at the center of their lives.

Samaritans for Children exists to help the most vulnerable and marginalized in Uganda. They have a dedicated staff and although we have not meet physically, I count Ssimbwa Robert Robinson as a friend and Brother in Christ.

Please visit their website and if you can donate to help with necessities and educational materials.

Here is a link to children that need your help - Meet the Children

Monthly sponsorships of 30 US dollars, 40 US dollars, 60 US dollars, 100 US dollars and above help there children greatly. This can help with tuition fees, buying bibles for children, spreading gospel in schools, books, uniform, feeding, building our schools and orphanage, paying teachers salaries and other social expenses. For those interested in donating, you can donate through; western union, world remit using mobile money and bank money transfer as indicated on the website.

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