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Mother's Day Short Film- I'll Love You Forever

Our Mother's are a gift from God!

Honor your mother, go out of your way to serve her especially as she gets older.

When you are not thinking about her she is always thinking about you.

If you haven't spoken to your mom recently call her right now and tell her you love her!

Video from Cf Filmmaker

Mother's Day Short Film- I'll Love You Forever

"To celebrate Mother's Day, Jaycie and I set out to create a short film based on a children's book that impacted my life in a very personal way. By the amazing comments we've seen, we aren't alone either. The book "Love You Forever" is the story of a Mother's love for her son as he progresses through life, and we sought to make a modern interpretation of the wonderful themes inside the book.

This short film comes from the bottom of my heart. It's inspired by a book from my childhood, Love You Forever written by Robert Munsch and illustrated by Sheila McGraw, and is dedicated to my mother Ali, and Jaycie's mother Charissa.


Keaton Haskell

Katie Jones

Carol Anderson

Camden Harwood

Rylan Harwood

Christopher Huber

Cooper Ursenbach

Addie Manapat

Jaycie Haskell

Adapted and created by me, Kim Haskell with the support of my loving wife, Jaycie.

from the video introduction

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