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Helping the Stranger - Heartbreaking Video Of Migrant Boy Abandoned At Border

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Video from Today

Video showing a frightened 10-year-old boy sobbing and pleading for help from a Texas border patrol agent after he was abandoned by a larger group is adding new urgency to the immigration crisis. NBC chief White House correspondent Peter Alexander reports for TODAY.

Immigration is a very common theme in Scripture, particularly in the Old Testament. The Hebrew word gare, English translations “foreigner,” “sojourner,” or “alien,” is best translated as “immigrant” appears in one form or another 92 times in the Old Testament.

God’s love for immigrants and others that are displaced, who are vulnerable is unchanging and should guide our contemporary actions. The New Testament’s emphatic commands to neighbor love (Matt. 22:39, Lk. 10:27, Rom. 13:9) and to extend hospitality to strangers (1 Tim. 5:10, Heb. 13:2) is an undeniable command from God.

Let us not then become a heartless, cruel and pragmatic people only concerned about our own interests and not of those in need.

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