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Herman Bavinck’s Christianity & Science with Dr. Cory Brock

We are a stiff necked and rebellious people.

As natural sinners we think we are god.

We elevate what we do (even when God given) to the ultimate and absolute.

Yet we live in a world wherein we self-destruct and harm all of those around us.

Science has long been promoted as the ultimate, giving us answers to all of life.

As we are seeing in our world today ideaology has been so mixed with science that we no longer even believe in what science can do for us.

Science has always been a gift amidst many other things God has provided for us.

Theologian Herman Bavinck was led by the Holy Spirit to explain to us the place science has in our world. The videos and articles below help explain that distinction.

Herman Bavinck Teaches Us to Accept Science’s Limits

"Science in the late-modern world faces an uncertain future. Despite a slight increase during the COVID pandemic, Americans’ confidence in scientists has fallen to prepandemic levels. Driving this, in part, is perhaps the way science and ideology are increasingly commingled.

Gender theory informs care for gender dysphoria, setting up the current debate on evidence-based treatment. Scientific journals have urged researchers and editors to consider the social justice implications of their work. Indeed, these are strange times when atheist Richard Dawkins sides with Christians on notions of what’s real and true.

Christianity and Science, written by Dutch Reformed theologian Herman Bavinck over a century ago, offers prescient wisdom. This volume has been made available in English for the first time through the cooperative work of three translators: N. Gray Sutanto is assistant professor of systematic theology at Reformed Theological Seminary; James Eglinton is a Keller Center fellow and a senior lecturer in Reformed theology at the University of Edinburgh; Cory Brock is a minister at St. Columba’s in Edinburgh.

Bavinck argues that modern science has never been neutral. In fact, the longer science proceeds under the false assumption of neutrality, the further it departs from serving both science and religious belief. The way forward, he argues, is to pay attention to the relationship between knowledge and faith..." from the article: Herman Bavinck Teaches Us to Accept Science’s Limits

Herman Bavinck’s Christianity & Science with Dr. Cory Brock

Christianity and Science Hardcover – August 29, 2023

by Herman Bavinck (Author), N. Gray Sutanto (Editor), James Eglinton (Editor), Cory C. Brock (Editor)

"After writing his well-known book Christian Worldview, Dutch Calvinist theologian and scholar Herman Bavinck focused his attention on how the Christian faith benefits higher learning, particularly religious studies, natural sciences, and the humanities.

Christianity and Science explores the pros and cons of Christian science and features brief, informative sections on the natural sciences, the humanities, theological science and religious studies, the doctrine of revelation, the benefits of Christianity for scholarship, and what it means to develop a Christian university. Responding to the challenges of the modern age, Bavinck recognizes the significance of faith in education. Edited and translated in English for the first time by N. Gray Sutanto, James Eglinton, and Cory C. Brock, this fundamental work will inspire Christian teachers, practitioners, and seminarians in their pursuits.' from Amazon description

Bavinck and a Christian View of Science

Video from Reformed Forum

"In 1904, the same year Herman Bavinck published Christian Worldview, Bavinck published a book titled Christelijke wetenschap (Christian Science) in which he commented on a movement to "build science . . . on the foundation of the Christian faith." Cory Brock joins us to speak about this book and Bavinck's views on the subject. Dr. Cory C. Brock is assistant minister of St. Columba's Free Church and adjunct lecturer in theology at Edinburgh Theological Seminary. He is the author of Orthodox yet Modern: Herman Bavinck’s Use of Friedrich Schleiermacher and co-author of Neo-Calvinism: A Theological Introduction. 00:00 Introduction 06:22 A Different Type of "Christian Science" 15:38 The Antithesis and Scientific Presuppositions 19:42 The Trinity and Creation 23:58 The Image of God and the Hope of Christian Science 31:12 Theology as Queen and Servant of Science 38:40 Science in the New Heavens and New Earth 43:14 Sin, Knowledge, and the Christian University 49:01 Non-Christians and Science 59:03 Conclusion This is Christ the Center episode 765 (" from video introduction

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