Heroic Acts of Kindness, Love and Faith - Child Edition! Be Like Little Children!

Updated: Oct 7

Video from Holy Mood

We teach our kids lots of things; how to read, to share, do chores and to work hard. We teach them how to make good decisions and what it means to be good citizens.

But we aren’t really traditional educators, mentors and tutors. We’re students, life-long learners. And the fact is our children are incredible teachers.

Children are unpredictable and spontaneous. They might nap today, but not tomorrow, or they get sick and miss a week of school. They’re ecstatic and excited one minute, and have a meltdown the next. Today they love a certain food, tomorrow they hate it. Kids are constantly changing (as are we) and sometimes it feels like every moment. Theses changes includes their needs, wants, preferences and abilities. So everything in in flux.

I think we can all say that some of the most important life lessons have come from my kids.


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