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Heroism and Moral Victory – The Lord of the Rings (Part 1)

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Video from LSOO

"An extensive exploration into the deeper meanings of The Lord of the Rings. This first part examines Tolkien’s sanctification of pagan virtues, and the role of heroism and moral victory in Middle-earth." from video introduction

Do you remember when you first discovered the Lord of the Rings? Like other important works of literature such as The Chronicles of Narnia the LOTR is critical in the lives of many of us. I have said in the past it saved my life and I have heard others say similar things. By that I mean not in a salvation sense but in a worldview, a work of literature that reminded me that as Gandalf said the were other forces at work in the world besides evil. I had a childhood that was difficult as many people do, my father abandoned the family several times from when I was 10 until age 17.

The escapism into the Shire and into the lives of the Hobbits etc. helped me see God, see Christ when I could not see him anywhere else.

Each of us have unique and often peculiar stories know only to us and a select few. It is one of the many facets of our souls and then our Human Spirt as we are justified than weave our story, our journey.

LSOO once again gives us much to consider in regards to this vast and timeless epic story.

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