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"High Strangeness" and How It Fits Into the Christian Worldview

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

What is High Strangeness?
What is High Strangeness?

"High Strangeness"

We modern Christians have become very narrow minded. In fact we have become ignorant of scripture and lack any fluency in understanding it. Our daily walk with Christ is more like a distant hand wave than a close relationship.

We have no frame of reference for the very real transcendent and supernatural world that actually surrounds us.

But there is Hope! The grace of God seeks us out!

The ultimate reality of the world around us is far stranger than we are willing to imagine or consider.

There is sin, evil and depravity in all of us and sin and evil in the unseen realm as well.

We are stiff necked rebels even on our best days!

The pagan gods of old have been allowed back into our nation as we have denied and excluded God from our culture and society. Those pagan gods are demonic entities or some type of entitie that is evil and destructive. And it is our destruction that is their goal.

Our society has chosen many idols over God; transhumanism, sex altering, food, sex, and the list goes on and oh yes Aliens and UFO's.

New religions have been forming around aliens or extraterrestrials for many years.

So what about this High Strangeness we hear about? What does that mean?

The Supernatural Worldview Includes High Strangeness

What the world shuns or laughs at even those who promote Aliens laugh at the belief in Demons and other supernatural entities. We see this today as those who speculate that some UFO's or aliens could be Demons in disguise are often mocked.

Yet what is reported in scripture is from the very beginning filled with High Strangeness.

Many things that are written down and divnely inspired include many absurd things like talking serpents, talking Donkeys and the appearances of angels as men and we could goe on and on.

High strangeness experiences and events often occur independently of a UFO sighting yet there is little doubt that “the paranormal” and UFOs are associated.

High strangeness has been a part of the supernatural reality all along. It's not a new point of view.

High Strangeness is the quality of being peculiar, bizarre and utterly absurd.

High Strangeness And Understanding It

"The concept of High Strangeness has become a prominent aspect of all things spooky, paranormal, and weird. As a result, those of us who have followed these sorts of things for a long time are left wondering, “what exactly is High Strangeness”?

It does have an entry on Wiktionary, but it was only created in 2016. The term itself can be traced back to the 1970s, where it was coined by astronomer J. Allen Hynek. Hynek worked on the original Project Blue Book and other government-sanctioned UFO studies.

For starters, High Strangeness is much stranger than “low strangeness,” or everyday strangeness. Seeing lights in the sky that you shouldn’t expect to be there? That isn’t necessarily a UFO or alien abduction team (AAT). It could be a secret military jet or [REDACTED]. High Strangeness would be if you went to take a video of this craft, and suddenly your phone’s battery dropped from 80% to 0% charge in a matter of seconds. Or if the video you manage to take is corrupted, altered, tainted.

Men in Black and High Strangeness

Historical accounts of Men in Black are filled with High Strangeness. Back in 1953, the founder and director of the International Flying Saucer Bureau, Albert K. Bender, abruptly shut his organization down after being visited by three Men in Black. He described that these men communicated with him telepathically, that they smelled like sulfur, and they only appeared to him in groups of three..." from the article: High Strangeness And Understanding It

UFOs and the Laughter of Faith

Since the Internet is abuzz over UFOs, I thought I would take the opportunity to join the woman of Proverbs 31:25 who “laughs at the time to come.” I just wrote a book on Providence, and can hardly contain myself when I get a chance to celebrate God’s purposeful, all-embracing, all-pervasive, invincible sovereignty.

Last night I received an email from a friend asking about the recent UFO dustup. He had read an article that threw him for a loop. He was wondering how a UFO, if it proved to be true, could fit with the biblical vision of reality.

Here’s the gist of what I wrote back, with a few comments and Bible passages added.

No Cracks in Complete Sovereignty

"One of the great joys of believing in the absolute sovereignty of God over all things is knowing that he is in control of every falling bird (Matthew 10:29) and all the movements of the farthest galaxies (Isaiah 40:26). Nothing anywhere in the universe happens apart from his plan. Whatever he causes directly, or whatever he permits less directly — everything happens in accord with his all-wise, all-just, all-merciful plan. He “works all things according to the counsel of his will” (Ephesians 1:11).

“No UFOs are showing up except by the plan of God.”

So no UFOs are showing up except by the plan of God. If they are fake, he rules over fake. If they are real, he rules over real. There are no cracks in complete sovereignty. Nothing squeaks through. God governs illusions. God governs atmospheric conundrums. God governs all the reaches of space and everything in it.

No UFO Exceptions

Add to that the spectacular news that the death of God’s Son, for the sins of all who believe, guarantees that this all-embracing, all-governing, divine plan is for our good. Nothing happens — absolutely nothing — but what God plans for the good of his people. And the reason we can count on this is the death of Jesus.

That’s the point of the logic of Romans 8:32:

He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things?

Paraphrase: God did the hardest thing in the universe for the sake of his elect (Romans 8:33) — he did not spare his Son the worst suffering the world could give. Therefore, Paul reasons, he will not spare any wisdom or power or goodness needed to give his people everything they need to joyfully do his will. He will “graciously give us all things.” God’s love and sovereignty work everything together — no exceptions — for our good (Romans 8:28).

That includes fake UFOs, explainable UFOs, unexplainable UFOs, real UFOs, and a hundred conspiracy theories, waiting to spread. They are all blood-bought servants of God’s undeserving elect. That’s what the logic of Romans 8:32 teaches..." from the article: UFOs and the Laughter of Faith

Enoch, Megaliths, Watchers - The Hunter's Quest Podcast

Video from Timothy Alberino

"Timothy Alberino joins Hunter McWaters to discuss the Book of Enoch, the fall of the Watchers, Genesis 6 Nephilim giants, megaliths, and the pre-flood world." from video introduction

High Strangeness & Physicalism

Physicalism seems to be sciences default if those involved don't want to really investigate an anomaly or other strange occurances. Physicalism also lacks the flexibility to explain the high strangeness of the UFO & related phenomenon.

The problem we have today is most scientists/researchers are to afraid of politics and rejection to actually agressively explore the world around them.

Pop culture has so infiltrated the sciences that the many associated stigmas with what are termed fring keep many things in this world undiscovered or misunderstood.

Perhaps someday those in a position to do empirical research will actually get out into our world and see what is truly there.

BEYOND BIZARRE! Eight Extraordinary Extraterrestrial Encounters

Video from Preston Dennett

"UFO and extraterrestrial encounters are known for their high levels of strangeness. Whether a sighting, a face-to-face encounter with ETs or an onboard experience, each case usually contains unique and unusual elements. Each case adds to our knowledge of alien contact. This article (and video) presents eight cases that illustrate the bizarre high-strangeness of UFO/ET encounters. CASE ONE: In 1976, Kathleen Teti stepped outside her home in Norristown, PA to an incredible sight. A saucer-shaped craft hovered ten feet above her front yard. The dome atop the craft had huge windows, through which Kathleen could see two gray-type ETs. Even more strange, she saw two humans who had apparently been taken onboard. She was so close, she could see the consoles, chairs, and what appeared to be a red shag rug on the floor and walls! CASE TWO: In May 1976, Christina Bryant, her daughter and a friend drove late at night on a desert highway outside of Alamogordo, NM. After seeing weird lights overhead, they found themselves on a small dirt road confronted by a strange sight: a uniformed police officer with his cruiser partially overturned in a ditch. The next thing they knew, they were back on the highway missing hours of time. Later under hypnosis, Christina recalled that the policeman was actually an ET, and his cruiser was a landed craft. She and her daughter were both taken onboard. CASE THREE: On Sep 9, 1976, Bill and Lenda Pecha (and their children) were drawn out of their home in Colusa, CA by a huge craft with blazing bright lights drawing electricity out of the nearby powerlines, causing a power-failure. When the craft came over their house, Bill became alarmed; he could physically feel the electricity coming off the craft. The family ran to their car and drove off in a panic. The UFO chased them all the way to their friend’s house who also saw the object. Meanwhile, other witnesses in town observed the display. A weird after-effect is that the UFO caused a pear-tree which had already borne fruit to blossom again! CASE FOUR: Florida Malboeuf could hardly believe her eyes when, on Jan 6, 1977, she looked out her apartment window in downtown Montreal, Canada. A metallic, saucer-shaped craft was coming in for a landing on top of the roof of the building across the street. She watched in shock as two humanoids exited the craft and peered over the edge of the building. After the craft took off, her son went to investigate and found a circle of re-frozen ice on the building-top, along with odd child-sized footprints. CASE FIVE: On Jun 27, 1977, Edna Owens and her four children went shopping at the local market in the small town of Telford, TN. Returning home, they saw what appeared to be a shooting star. But then it began darting around and soon revealed itself to be a flying saucer. When the object came towards them, they fled into the house and turned off all the lights. The object hovered over the house and began circling it. Frightened, the family fled the house. The daughter got an electrical shock when she touched the car door. The family drove off and the object followed. The youngest daughter became so hysterical, she had to be hospitalized for a week. CASE SIX: On Aug 6, 1977, Tom Dawson of Pelham, GA left his trailer with his dogs to go fishing at the local pond. As soon as he arrived a saucer-shaped craft dropped from the sky and hovered just above the ground. Tom, his dog and a herd of nearby cattle became frozen to the spot. The craft disgorged a half-dozen short, bald, uniformed ETs who began to talk in a foreign language. Two approached Tom and conducted a weird physical exam. The case went from strange to bizarre when a voice came out of the craft, saying the name of a famous labor leader who had mysteriously disappeared a few years earlier. CASE SEVEN: On Jan 3, 1979, Meagan Quezet and her son Andre were drawn outside their home in Mindalore, Africa by the barking of their dog, Cheeky. Following him down the street, they came upon a landed craft. Out stepped several humanoid figures. They walked around the craft and appeared startled to see they were being observed. One approached Meagan and bowed in greeting. Meagan said, “Hello!” CASE EIGHT: In mid-Jul 1988, witnesses at a wild animal reserve in Lugo, Spain were shocked to see a 250-foot-long craft with purple lights hover overhead. Without warning it sent down a beam of light onto a herd of elephants. To their absolute astonishment, 26 elephants rose up the beam of light and into the craft, which darted away. The above cases show how truly strange and bizarre UFO encounters can be. They show that we are not alone in this universe, and that we still have much to learn not only about ourselves, but about the people we share this universe with. Earth is being visited by a wide variety of extraterrestrials. And the UFO contact experience is far more common than many people realize. PRESTON DENNETT WEBSITE:" from video introduction

Discerning the Invisible

We are cut off from directly experiencing the invisible world around us because we live in the natural world. We naturally relate to what we can see, hear, and touch. But the Bible teaches there is a supernatural world, an invisible world that surrounds us ad is very active.

It is the realm of God, Satan, angels & demons, and no doubt many other entities andcreatures we know nothing about.

Far fetched?

Consider all the many animals and other phenomenon that we currently dont know about the natural wordl in front of us!

If we could see into the invisible world we would be astonished or afraid to see the angels of God at work and demons of hell at work, and all the other spiritual activity swirling around us at any given moment in time.

The Bible gives an account of this happening to someone-the servant of Elisha the prophet. The servant woke up one morning to find the city surrounded by enemy forces. Panicked, he woke up Elisha, asking, "What shall we do?" (2 Kings 6:15).

Elisha told him, "Do not fear, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them" (verse 16). Then Elisha prayed, "Lord, . . . open his eyes that he may see." And the Bible tells us his servant looked up and saw "the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha" (verse 17). Those were the angelic forces of God.

We as Christians are of little faith and lack wisdom if we discount these events.

Around us today invisible spiritual activity goes on unknown to us.

If through some active presence of an entitie we glimpse these activites we call it "high strangeness".

High Strangeness is a part of the reality of this world and we must discern its presence.

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