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Highlights of the Istanbul Archaeological Museum

History is a recounting of how humans lived and died in the past.

Knowing something about that history gives us perspective on the present and the future.

We humans are filled with hubris and sin.

We need God to guide us through this life.

Rebellion against Him results in what we see around us today.

We must therefore strive to know our past!

Video from Scenic Routes to the Past

Highlights of the Istanbul Archaeological Museum

"The Alexander Sarcophagus and other highlights of Turkey's finest museum of antiquities. Check out my other channels, @toldinstone and @toldinstonefootnotes Chapters 0:00 Sculpture Garden 0:34 Porphyry sarcophagi 1:28 Garland sarcophagus 2:17 Royal necropolis of Sidon 4:05 Alexander Sarcophagus 5:57 Two portraits of Alexander 6:39 Ephebe of Tralles 7:19 Sappho 7:40 Tyche and Ploutos 8:13 Valentinian II." from video introduction

Museums of Istanbul: Istanbul Archaeological Museums

"Istanbul Archeology Museum, Turkey's first museum is home to more than 1 million works which survived from the civilizations established on a wide geography from the Caucasus to Anatolia, from Mesopotamia to Arabia.

Istanbul Archaeological Museums, located on Osman Hamdi Bey, a steep street extending from Gülhane Park to Topkapı Palace in the historical peninsula and called as "museums complex" consists of three main sections as the Archeology Museum, Museum of Ancient Oriental Art and Tiled Pavilion Museum.

The history of the Istanbul Archaeological Museum dates back to the Ottoman period. The first museum opened in the Ottoman period was "Müze-i Humayun", known as the State Museum, established in the Hagia Irene with the efforts of Ahmed Fethi Pasha, the Marshal of Topkapı. The museum consisted of two main sections, Mecma-i Asar-i Atika, known as the Antiquities Collection, and Mecma-i Esliha-i Atika, known as the Old Weapons Collection.." from the article: Museums of Istanbul: Istanbul Archaeological Museums


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