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Honor and Shame: Cultural Context of the Biblical World

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Honor and Shame: Cultural Context of the Biblical World

"There is so much context we miss when we read the Bible, because we do not understand the honor and shame standards of the ancient world. This video will help explain ancient concepts of honor and shame so you can better understand the Bible." from video introduction.

"The honor and shame culture Paul lived in was far different from contemporary Western culture and its values. “Honor” and “shame” in this context do not primarily refer to feelings of honor or shame, though feelings would be involved, but rather to being honored or disgraced in public. Paul’s main concern is that the gospel not be disgraced and that God be honored, whether by Paul’s life or his death. Being a mere public disgrace is of less concern to the apostle. In fact he would see such disgrace as an honor if it were suffered for Christ, so long as it did not involve the betrayal or renouncing of the gospel due to human weakness or the like..." from the article: Honor and Shame and the Apostolic Life

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