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Hope For Our Healing – Dr. Charles Stanley

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Hope For Our Healing

"The human body is a marvelous creation designed to house the Spirit of God. But how should believers respond when their bodies fail to work properly? All too often, Christians react by immediately turning to modern medicine for answers. While there is nothing wrong with using the resources available to us, our trust and hope needs to be firmly placed in the Lord, not doctors or medical treatment. Dr. Stanley teaches about healing from a biblical perspective. He answers common questions such as: - Is sickness a result of sin? - Is it God’s will to heal everyone? - Where do physicians fit in the Lord’s plan for our healing? - Can a lost person expect God to hear his prayers for healing? - Can sickness be profitable in the life of a believer? Dr. Stanley reveals the Bible’s teaching on how to handle illness. Using James 5:14, he challenges Christians with health concerns to ask church elders ton anoint them with oil and pray for them in the name of the Lord. Dr. Stanley challenges all believers to consider themselves healing agents of the living God, ready and willing to be used by Him to intercede for others. For more messages from Charles Stanley, including this week's broadcast, go to" from video introduction.

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