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How Does Your Faith Influence Your Work as a Detective?

"Does the Christian worldview make a difference in the workplace? If so, has it impacted J. Warner’s work as a detective? Students from the King’s Academy discusses the issue with J. Warner on the King’s Academy YouTube Channel." from video introduction.

"There’s a lot that defines us as people, but perhaps nothing more than work. When meeting someone new, “What do you do for work?” is one of the first topics discussed. It’s an abbreviated way to get to know someone, a quick way to put someone “in a box.” As a result, we even start defining ourselves by our work. If everyone else is going to judge us that way, we might as well judge ourselves that way as well, right?

Cops have certain ways of talking, dressing, being, a certain subculture all our own. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, but I understand why we are like that. But I also know I have a big problem: this job (and this identity) won’t last forever..." from the article: Why Your Work ID Isn’t All That Important

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