How Finland Ended Homelessness & What America Could Learn from It

Video from Second Thought

"The Finns have turned the traditional approach to homelessness on its head.

There can be a number of reasons as to why someone ends up homeless, including sudden job loss or family breakdown, severe substance abuse or mental health problems. But most homelessness policies work on the premise that the homeless person has to sort those problems out first before they can get permanent accommodation.

Finland does the opposite - it gives them a home first." from the article: Here's how Finland solved its homelessness problem

Our nation has by and large been neglectful if not criminal in our help to the homeless. Our economy is selfish and our institutions are likewise not community minded. The idea of every man for himself in our free market economy is not only foolish in that we waste human lives and human currency that contributes to society but immoral.

Consider that we as a nation spent over 300 million dollars a day on the war in Afghanistan yet we claim that we cannot afford to help the homeless.

No excuses!

We as a people should demand a more equitable use of our tax money. Christ has been watching and he knows our hearts and the hearts of those we allow to govern us. We are a stiff necked and apostate people, we are selfish. We must find a way to care for the people in our communities.

Perhaps this approach can be used in America.

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