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How Have Britain's Longest Married Couple Managed 80 Years Together?

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Video from this morning

We can all take away some wisdom from this British couple who have been married 80 years. Right now stable marriages are a witness to your family and society. Our culture is crying out for stability in every area. Work hard with your spouse to show empathy, compassion and love, don't judge and be patient!

Love to hear the Brits talk!!

They’ve been married for 80 years and say they’ve never had an argument. After celebrating their Oak anniversary at the weekend, we’ve sent Lisa Snowdon to meet 100-year old Joan and 102-year old Jack Bare, along with their 75-year old daughter Gill. They reveal why they haven’t spent a night apart since the war, and why Jack has given Joan the same type of flowers for their anniversary for 80 years. Broadcast on 09/08/19

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