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How Our Sins Can Lead Us Into Evil Living & Thinking

Doorways to Evil
Doorways to Evil

In our world today I find interesting if not unfortunate that mainline Protestantism more of less ignores the reality of evil and demonic influence.

We therefore have the old tradition within the Catholic Church of employing professional Exorcists who are very active today in our fallen culture and world.

Have you been self-reflective and considered what your sins are doing to your soul and the people around you?

Watching pornography, your adultery, among other besetting sins can lead you into evil, encounters with Demons or Demonic influences.

This is an eternal and a profound reality, do not let your sins destroy your life!

Pray to God for deliverance and seek help!

The TWO main doors to evil

"This clip comes from a full episode of the Chris Stefanick Show with exorcist Fr. Chad Ripperger: • Exorcisms: what C... " from video introduction

Worse Than We Think

What Total Depravity Is (and Is Not)

"The doctrine of total depravity is widely misunderstood. It is almost as important to know what it does not mean as what it affirms. Moreover, we will not grasp its full import unless we see it in a wider context.

In the phrase total depravity, the word depravity refers to a corrupt nature inherent in humanity ever since the sin of Adam. The necessary presupposition on which the doctrine of inherited depravity rests is the solidarity of the human race. Without that presupposition, the doctrine does not make sense.

“Total depravity means that there is no human faculty left untouched by sin.”

We are not individuals in isolation. We are part of a collective whole, rather like slices of a gigantic pizza. In the Old Testament, people were seen in connection with their ancestors from the past and their tribal connections in the present; you were A the son of B the son of C of the tribe N. Hence, when Achan sinned, all Israel sinned (Joshua 7:11, 20). Likewise, the actions of the one man Adam directly affected the many (Romans 5:12–21).." from the article:

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