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How Social Media is Destroying Society

Video from Common Knowledge

"When is the last time you’ve walked into a restaurant and saw an entire table of friends on their phone, each content to be in their own world - nearly unaware of the reality around them? With the meteoric rise in popularity for documentaries like The Social Dilemma, it safe to say that questioning the effect that social media addiction has on our society a growing sentiment and realization within today’s culture. With many people decided to take a social media detox, or quit social media all together. But what is the path forward in the new age of social media, and the side effects of the rapid evolution of the technology and the algorithms that control how we interact with the platform? Is it as simple as turning off big tech, or perhaps to quit social media? Or is there a way we can start to take control our use to find a healthy balance for social media and mental health?" from video introduction.

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