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How the Final Days of Trump's Presidency Brought America to the Brink of War - 60 Minutes Australia

Video from 60 Minutes Australia

"It’s hard to believe but former president Donald Trump is eyeing off the 2024 presidential election. Many thought his return to the White House was dead in the water after the criminal and chaotic Capitol riots, which killed five people after the Trump mob bought his false claims that the election was rigged - but that was a blip and it looks like it’s just the start of a resurgence. Bob Woodward is the legendary journalist whose Watergate reporting brought down former President Richard Nixon. In his latest book Peril with the Washington Post’s Robert Costa, he reveals in the dying days of the Trump presidency the US stood on the brink of democratic collapse. Trump’s behavior was so dangerous that there were concerns he would drag the world’s foremost superpower into a war with China. But just how close did it come to that? It was closer than you think...' from video introduction.

A Man with a legacy of lies, dishonesty and a gullible public is leading America to ruin.....

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