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How The Native Americans Built A Legendary Civilization: 1491 - America Before Columbus (Timeline)

Video from Timeline - World History Documentaries

"Architecture and urban design. Whether living a nomadic existence or in sprawling urban centers, indigenous people throughout the Americas created their homes and community structures to fulfill the needs and values of their society." from video introduction.


One of the saddest — and most shameful — events in American history was the near-genocide of indigenous people across the nation. The Wild West era between 1865 and 1895 was particularly painful. White people coming west initially pictured the land as a wide open and virtually empty space for the taking. Instead, they found hundreds of thousands of Natives who had been living off the land for thousands of generations. Their way of life, so different from that of Americans, was considered unclean and unhealthy, even though most tribes were peaceful and friendly. Everything about them, from their languages to their way of dress and the way they lived, was different. To the pioneers, that was bad... from the article: WHAT LIFE WAS LIKE FOR NATIVE AMERICANS IN THE WILD WEST ERA

Native American Genocide

The term genocide is defined as the deliberate killing of large groups of people, particularly those in a specific nation or ethnic group. However, this term, which put simply is mass murder, did not come into widespread use until the 1940s. This is when Raphael Lemkin, a jurist at Yale University coined it in his Axis Rule in Occupied Europe. In addition to making the term mainstream, Lemkin also stated that genocide doesn’t mean the immediate destruction or eradication of a nation or people. Instead, it is a coordinated plan of various actions that has the end goal of destroying the foundations of life for certain groups.

While many people automatically think of the Holocaust when talking about genocide, there is no question that one of the first instances of this was with the Native Americans. Those who came to the “New World” had the intention of destroying – in part or in whole – this nation of people. During the time of this genocide, it wasn’t always obvious that this was the end goal of the “white man” who had landed on the shores of the Americas. This made it difficult for Native Americans to avoid being eliminated.

During this time, many horrendous crimes were committed against these people, from murder to torture, and even human trading and trafficking. Here you can discover and learn about 10 of the most horrific activities that occurred during the Native American genocide and some of the long-lasting effects these acts have had..." from the article: 10 Horrific Facts about the Native American Genocide


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