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How "The Phenomenon" Interacts with Animals

How "The Phenomenon" Interacts with Animals

Whatever this thing is we loosely refer to as "The Phenomenon" for lack of a better word includes many things including UFO', Bigfoot, USO's and a endless variety of cryptids and other bizarre creatures.

My personal opinion for what its worth is that what we see or experience is a smorgasboard of things which include "spiritual beings" that are in constant interaction with us and our reality.

Will we ever know this side of Heaven?

This "Phenomenon" also interacts and affects our animals.

In the videos below Preston Dennett gives us some food for thought concerning these incidents.

UFOs & Weird Animal Stories

Video from Preston Dennett

"There are all kinds of UFO encounters: sightings, landings, onboard experiences and more. Then there are the cases involving animals. In fact, one of the categories of UFO evidence involves animal reactions, and there are many examples. Much rarer are cases where weird things happen to animals. This video presents eight cases in which weird things happen to animals during UFO encounter. These cases involve the entire range of UFO encounters and a wide variety of animals. These cases span six decades, involve many witnesses, and come from all over the world. And all of them are just a bit weird! THE FLOATING HORSE. On Oct 16, 1954, Guy Puyfourcat led his mare to his home in Cier-de-Riviere, France. His horse got spooked and glanced to the right. Guy saw three figures dart into the bushes. He then heard a shrieking sound as a small, gray, saucer-shaped craft rose 150 feet, then moved toward him and stopped briefly, at which point his horse levitated 9 feet into the air. The craft darted away, and his horse dropped, temporarily paralyzed. After 10 minutes, it got up, sweaty and trembling. THE PARALYZED DOG. On Oct 17, 1954, Maxime Pignatelli was hunting with his dog along the Durance River near Corbieres, France. Looking ahead of him, he saw a 12-foot-wide black oval object on the ground. On top was a dome, and inside he saw two child-like beings. The two figures exited the craft. Maxime’s dog ran toward them, but Maxime panicked, falling into a ditch. His dog came crawling back, howling and dragging its back legs. As they fled, Maxime felt a wave of tiredness come over him. THE SHEEP SLAUGHTERING ALIEN. One night in 1968 Valentina Flores of Otoco, Bolivia, was herding her lamas into their pens when she noticed saw that strange netting had been placed over it and a 4-foot-tall humanoid was inside, using a tube-like instrument to kill her sheep. She threw rocks at him. He responded by throwing his hooked instrument at her which cut her arms and returned to his hand like a boomerang. The figure grabbed the netting, rose into the air and disappeared. Valentina saw that 34 sheep had been killed. GOAT KIDNAPPED BY ETS. On Sep 22, 1972, a peasant woman from Villa Altagracia in the Dominican Republic was shocked to see a strange craft covered with lights landed on the ground. Out came two short beings who proceeded to grab a goat. The goat seemed to be paralyzed as the two short beings carried it into the craft, which took off at great speed and disappeared from sight. CAN WE HAVE FOUR OF YOUR RABBITS? On the night of Aug 17, 1977, Marco Antonio de la Cuadra woke up in his home in Alto Jahuel, Chile. An odd buzzing sound was coming from his rabbit hutch. Going outside, he came upon an oval object landed on the ground. In front of it was a human-looking male with blond hair wearing a tight-fitting white suit. The man said he was part of a scientific exploration looking for new species to help re-populate his planet. He wanted fish. Marco said he had no fish, but he did have rabbits. THEY WERE INTERESTED IN THE CHICKENS. On the night on Mar 3, 1980, Vivian Rodriguez woke up to her dogs barking and a commotion on the porch of their home in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. Looking outside, she saw 5 short humanoids searching the porch. She woke up her brother, Jose, and they watched as the beings showed a great interest in their chickens. The figures fled when a car approached. Unknown to the siblings, only a few miles away, two men saw the same figures climb into a landed UFO which took off over the city. I SAW A DOLPHIN ONBOARD A UFO. In Jan 1981, a woman and her mother were driving on a highway in Manchester, England when suddenly there were no other cars. They saw a strange light ahead of them and noticed an old-fashioned car. Suddenly the car turned into a UFO, which disappeared. Getting home, they noticed that they were missing 2 hours. Under hypnosis, the witness recalled being taken onboard the craft where she saw a human-looking ET. He led her into a room where there was a small pool and a sick dolphin. PIG-SNATCHING ALIENS. In the wee hours of the morning of Sep 12, 2006, Evan Briese of Tappen, ND woke up and saw something in their pig corral. Thinking it was a coyote, he grabbed his rifle. To his shock, he saw two 8-foot-tall beings stealing their pregnant sow. Evan fired his gun. One of the beings screamed while the other flew towards him and knocked him unconscious. Upon awakening, Evan saw that his shirt was ripped to shreds and the pregnant sow was gone. And this was just the beginning. These cases reveal an alien agenda that includes a strong interest in animals of all kinds, and that ETs can affect animals in ways we are only beginning to understand. Whether it’s levitating a horse, paralyzing a dog, killing sheep or taking rabbits and pigs, the ETs are visiting many locations all across are planet, and have been doing so for decades." from video introduction

Eight True Cases of Animals Healed by Aliens

Video from Preston Dennett

"UFO healings are now a recognized feature of extraterrestrial encounters. What many people don't know, however, is that there are also several cases on record of animals being healed. The most common category by far is dogs, but other are reports of other animal UFO cures too. This video presents eight cases of animals who have been healed as the result of a UFO encounter. These cases are important because they not only show a benevolent side to UFOs and aliens; they also show just how truly advanced the ETs are when it comes to healing. Compared to reports of humans being healed, cases of animal healings are exceedingly rare. That alone makes accounts like these significant. Why are the ETs healing animals? How are they affecting these cures? What does this say about these mysterious visitors to our planet? Using firsthand eyewitness testimony and actual true-life cases, this video attempts to answer all these questions and more. If you'd like to learn more about animals who have been healed by aliens, please check out my book, "The Healing Power of UFOs: 300 True Accounts." from video introduction

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