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How to Pray like Jesus Prayed - In Jesus' Own Words

Video from No Greater Love

"How to pray - in Jesus' own words. What Jesus ACTUALLY said about how to REALLY pray. Realising what Jesus actually said about how to pray will probably change your prayer life. Jesus' clear instructions on 'How to Pray' including where; why; who for; and what NOT to do. This film forms the start of the Holding God to His Word (#HGTHW) series on Prayer. In the 4 Gospels of the New Testament Jesus had a lot to say about prayer and praying. But, what is often overlooked is that he also gave us clear instructions on 'How to Pray'. Things like 'WHERE to pray'; 'HOW to start'; 'WHO to pray for'; 'WHAT to ask for'; 'what to NOT ask for'; and definitely 'how NOT to pray'. Whilst the Lord's Prayer is arguably the best-known piece of scripture ever, possibly memorised by around 2 billion people worldwide, yet The Lord's Prayer is not a "How to Pray". It is more of a 'What to Pray' rather than 'How to Pray'. This short video is an introduction of 'How to Pray', as per Jesus' own words. Things like praying privately; not being 'showy' when we pray; and the vital necessity of complete forgiveness when we pray. If your prayer life has stagnated; or you feel your prayers are not being 'heard', then this video is for you as it will awaken your heart and mind to what you need to do to be heard and answered by God. I didn't monetize the video but because I used Tchaikovsky's Hymn of the Cherubim as music - YouTube are able to monetize it anyway. Considering how beautiful the music sets it off, I think this is fair enough of them, and I decided to leave the music in. But apologies for the advert at the beginning: this is not my doing. If you value this video and content, please share it. If you 'like' it and subscribe too, I believe this helps. Your support is needed: I work alone creating this content and I am not supported or endorsed by any venture or organisation. If you value this video and content, please share it. If you 'like' it and subscribe too, I believe this helps. In the 4 gospels of the Holy Bible are over 200 commands that Jesus gave on how to live; how to be made whole; how to enter the kingdom of heaven; how to receive God’s Holy Spirit; how to do God’s work in life; and how to become reconciled with God. Podcast of this episode: A copy of all Commands of Jesus PDF: - I will send you the Commands of Jesus from all 4 Gospels in the New Testament of the Holy Bible, as a free PDF download. Go the whole world over, and proclaim the Good News to all mankind. -Mark 16-15 (WNT) so please do your bit: like, share and subscribe. Above all - share it as much as you can... 🔔 SUBSCRIBE:" from video introduction.

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