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How to Reach the West Again: Episode 5—Counter-Catechesis

How to Reach the West Again: Episode 5—Counter-Catechesis

"We are entering a new era in which there is not only no social benefit to being Christian, but an actual social cost. In many places, culture is becoming increasingly hostile toward faith, and beliefs in God, truth, sin, and the afterlife are disappearing in more and more people. Now, culture is producing people for whom Christianity is not only offensive, but incomprehensible.

Church leaders must find new ways to reach people who won’t even think about coming to church or believing Christianity’s most basic concepts. And we must find ways of churching and forming people as Christians in the midst of a very different culture. Let’s call this the “Outward Move” and the “Inward Move” of a missionary encounter with Western culture.

To clarify, a missionary encounter is not a withdrawal from culture into communities with little connection to the rest of society. Nor is it an effort to get political power in order to impose Christian standards and beliefs on an unwilling populace. Nor is it such an effort to become relevant that the church becomes completely adapted to and assimilated by the culture..." from the article: How to Reach the West (Again)

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