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How to Read Better, Quality over Quantity

Video from The Classical Mind

"Many people want to become better readers — but they don't know where to start. I share my thoughts on how we can improve our reading, including some practical tips. This isn't about tricks or life hacks. Instead, I hope we can focus on building quality habits, developing a life of the mind, and treating the great books as they deserve to be treated. Check out the podcast:" from video introduction

5 Ways Christians Should Read Books by Non-Believers

“Since Moses descended from the mountain with two loose-leaf stones under his arms,” Tony Reinke says, “all literature can be divided into two genres: Genre A: The Bible . . . Genre B: All other books.” Most every Christian recognizes the need to read the Bible. But to fully develop our faith and to grow in wisdom we should read from both of these genres.

The Bible is naturally the most important. We would be better off, as Charles Spurgeon claimed, to lose all that is beautiful, cheering, or profitable in human literature rather than “lose a single syllable from the mouth of God.” Scripture is the most important element in the formation of our imaginations. Yet works from “Genre B” also have value, even when they come from pagan or secular authors.." from the article: 5 Ways Christians Should Read Books by Non-Believers

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