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How We Can Approach Unbelievers, LGBTQ+, and Others in Christlike Love with Dr. Sean McDowell

Video from Melissa Dougherty

"Is there a better way to talk to and treat those you disagree with? Does loving others with who we vastly disagree mean we have to sacrifice our theology (and humanity) to do it? Where do we draw the line? Does the topic of Calvinism, atheism, politics, LGBTQ+, or other contentious topics deeply anger you to the point of being aggressive and reactively lashing out about it? How can we act more Christlike instead of looking like angry politicians in disagreement? I asked Dr. Sean McDowell on to talk about how we can accomplish this as well as asking his advice on how we can have real Biblical unity without compromising. 0:00- Intro 2:47- Cancel Culture in the Church 9:36- How to be Loving without Compromise 14:30- The Pendulum Swing in how our Fear and Defenses Motivate us Instead of Love 18:24- Sean's Friendship with Drew (a prominent atheist YouTuber) and what we can learn from it 23:04- Where Do We Draw the Line? Sean's YouTube channel: " from video introduction.

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