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"I Used To Be More Godly" - Rachel Jankovic

Updated: May 3

Video from Cannon Press

"I Used To Be More Godly" - Rachel Jankovic

"In this episode of "Pep Talks for Moms," Rachel Jankovic discusses the temptation to compare your spiritual life before becoming a parent to your spiritual life after becoming a parent. What do you do with the feeling that you "used to be more godly?" from video introduction.

Motherhood reflects the glory of God.

The feminine reality of holiness that women of faith strive for. When Paul says that women are “saved through childbearing” (1 Timothy 2:15), he does not mean that women can earn their salvation by giving birth, but that God is able to save them even as they endure the feminine part of sin’s curse (Genesis 3:16). Childbearing is the reality and symbol of the creational role of women. Motherhood then becomes the clearest example of the difference between men and women.

We must support mothers of all kinds, Single moms, and moms with health problems whatever the situation let us reach out to honor moms and God.

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