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Iain McGilchrist and D C Schindler: Is Love the Source and Sustenance of Everything in the Universe?

Iain McGilchrist and D C Schindler: Is Love the Source and Sustenance of Everything in the Universe?

"Links to extended introductions of the guests follow timestamps. Iain McGilchrist and David Schindler respond to a question about a passage from Cs Lewis's book, The Discarded Image, then delved into a discussion of the passage and its implications for understanding the nature of God and the universe. They discussed intelligence, beauty, and goodness in the cosmos, and explored the idea that even non-animate aspects of the universe reveal intelligence, beauty, and complexity. They also touched on the idea that good can embrace evil, but evil cannot embrace good. The speakers engaged in a wide-ranging discussion about the relationship between beauty, order, and the transcendent principle. They explored the idea that disorder and chaos can be incorporated into order to create something even more beautiful and profound, drawing on examples from art, philosophy, and theology. They also discussed the complex and multifaceted nature of intelligence, beauty and love and the importance of values in shaping our understanding of the world. Timestamps 00:00 Intro 03:00 The impact of love in biology 07:50 The extraordinary question of biological form 09:00 The heart of the philosophical foundation of Western Civilization 10:22 Modernity's move to remove goodness as an ontological principle and replace it with goodness as simply a moral principle 12:22 Everything seeks beauty, actuality 15:40 The need for an absolutely Transcendent First Principle 16:30 The sense of purpose 17:30 Attraction 22:00 The conflict between freedom and love 30:31 The coincidence of opposites and creativity 35:00 Beauty, Order and the Transcendent Principle (The nature of order and disorder in the universe) 51:50 Artificial Intelligence and the Importance of Values The limitations of artificial intelligence and the importance of embodiment 58:14 Discussion on the Nature of Reality 1:01:06 Views on Reality and Time The concept of time and its relationship to unity and multiplicity 1:06:07  Discussion on the Implications of Wolfram's Theory 1:09:00 The Importance of Context and Relationship in Understanding Knowledge and Truth The implications of a principle of analogy in classical metaphysics The issue of context and its relationship to postmodernism 1:18:35 Love, Knowledge, and Beauty D. C. Schindler: Iain McGilchrist:" from the video introduction

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