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Iconography: Drawing Christ

Αγιογραφία. How I relax drawing the face of Jesus Christ before painting His byzantine Icon.

Video from Painting the Light

"In this video I draw the face of Jesus Christ as an excercise before painting his face on board with egg tempera. Its a soothing, calm process that brings me into a place of deep concentration and introspection." from video introduction

"Hi! My name is Antonis and I upload tutorials on how to paint in the style of the Old Masters. If you want to enrich your artwork by exploring the techniques of the Byzantine, Medieval and Renaissance Art this the right place to be. Learn how to paint the face, clothes and other elements step by step in an easy, simple way and become better artists yourselves. I have studied the byzantine painting since 1992 and have a Bachelors and MFA degree in painting from the Athens School of Fine Arts and the San Francisco State University respectively. Follow me in the studio, with the Old Masters as our true teachers. Then after having unlocked their art tips and secrets, see your artwork transform into something amazing." from His YouTube Channel

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