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Icons of The Bible: Adam & Eve

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Icons of The Bible: Adam & Eve
Icons of The Bible: Adam & Eve

The teaching of Scripture on the subject of human origins is foundational to the rest of the Bible and to the world we live in. For us to understand who we are as humans in relationship to God and to the rest of creation centers around our human origins. I hope this article and video help in your spiritual formation and knowledge of God's word. - Andy

Icons of The Bible: Adam & Eve

Historical Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve form the headwaters of humankind, specially formed to bear God’s image and to rule his world. By their disobedience they brought sin and misery into human experience..." from the article: Historical Adam and Eve

Royal Priests of Eden

Video from BibleProject

"Did you know that Israel’s tabernacle tent was designed as a symbolic garden of Eden? And did you know that Adam and Eve were proto-priests who lived and worked in the sacred space? In this video, we explore God’s plan for humanity to serve as royal priests over all creation and how the story of Jesus brings this priestly drama to its ultimate resolution." from video introduction.

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