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The Story of Relics

Video from Patristix

The Story of Relics

'An introductory look at the ancient presence of relics in the Church. For more on this, please visit an Eastern Orthodox Church to chat with a priest." from the video introduction

What Is a Relic? Definition, Origins, and Examples

'Learn About Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu Relics

Relics are the physical remains of saints or holy people or, more generally, objects that have been in contact with holy individuals. Relics are kept in sacred places and are often thought to have the power to bestow good fortune to those who venerate them. While relics are often associated with the Catholic church, they are also an important concept in Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism.

Key Takeaways

Relics may be the literal remains of holy people or objects that the holy people have used or touched.

Examples of relics include teeth, bones, hairs, and fragments of objects such as fabrics or wood.

The most important Christian, Buddhist, and Muslim relics are objects associated with the religions' founders.

Relics are believed to have special powers to heal, grant favors, or exorcise spirits..." from the article: What Is a Relic? Definition, Origins, and Examples

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