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Icons of the Bible: Moses - Chosen to Bring Redemption to God's People

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Icons of the Bible: Moses - Chosen to Bring Redemption to God's People
Icons of the Bible: Moses - Chosen to Bring Redemption to God's People

Images from Icons of the Bible James Lewis

The Icons of The Bible Series will go through all the people of the Bible in chronological order. I will attempt to provide you focused article and videos that will help you become more familiar with those whom God chose to tell us about in His Holy Scripture. - Andy

Icons of the Bible: Moses - Chosen to Bring Redemption to God's People

Moses and Aaron - BibleProject

Video from BibleProject

"After God appoints Moses to confront Pharaoh and lead the Israelites out of slavery, they come to Mount Sinai, where God invites them to become “a kingdom of priests.” But things do not go as planned for the Israelites. In this video, we explore the beginning of the failed priesthood and the need for the ultimate royal priest, who will intercede on behalf of his people and offer his life for the failures of others." from video introduction.

The Birth of Moses: Between Bible and Midrash

The details of Moses birth story do not entirely cohere. By examining the midrash, and sifting through layers of the Torah text itself, we uncover a series of problems and solutions in the story which help to elucidate the way the text and its traditions evolved over time.

Midrash: Amram Remarries His Wife

Rabbinic tradition prominently commemorates the valor of Moses’s sister, implying that without her there would be no Jewish people, let alone a Moses or an exodus from Egypt. Take for example b. Soṭah 12a, which opens with an interpretation of Exodus 2:1:

וילך איש מבית לוי - להיכן הלך? אמר רב יהודה בר זבינא: שהלך בעצת בתו. תנא: עמרם גדול הדור היה, כיון [שגזר] פרעה הרשע כל הבן הילוד היאורה תשליכוהו, אמר: לשוא אנו עמלין! עמד וגירש את אשתו, עמדו כולן וגירשו את נשותיהן.
“A man from the house of Levi went…” Where did he go? Rav Yehudah bar Zevina said: “He followed his daughter’s advice.” It was taught: “Amram was the leader of the generation. Once wicked Pharaoh made the decree that all boys should be thrown into the Nile, [Amram] said: ‘We are striving for nothing!’ He then divorced his wife. Every man followed him and divorced their wives.

According to this midrash, Amram had given up all hope when he learned of the Pharaoh’s decree that all male children were to be executed. Seeing no reason to procreate (and, in turn, no reason to be married), he divorced his wife. Because he was the greatest of his generation (gedol ha-dor), all the men of Israel followed his example and divorced their wives.." from the article: The Birth of Moses: Between Bible and Midrash

Why was God Going to Kill Moses in Exodus 4:24-26? Dr. Michael Heiser

Video from Theoria Logos

"In Exodus 4, there's a strange event when God gets angry at Moses, enough to almost kill him. Zipporah, Moses' wife, saves the day when she circumcises their son and lays the foreskin on Moses' feet. What is that all about?" from video introduction.

Why Did Satan Want Moses' Body?

Video from DTBM

"He had already been buried. He was already dead and departed from his earthly form. Why did Moses' body have to be defended from the Devil himself?" from video introduction.

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