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If God Is Your Father, Grace Flows Continually: Colossians 1:1–2, Part 5

Updated: Jun 24

Video from Desiring God

If God Is Your Father..

We Call Him ‘Father’

The Privilege of Christian Prayer

"If you primarily think of God as your Father, and if you usually address God as Father when you pray, you have Jesus to thank. For prior to Jesus, no one — not in Judaism or in any other religious tradition — spoke of God or to God as Father in the personal ways Jesus did.

It’s true that Old Testament saints occasionally referred to God as Israel’s father (Deuteronomy 32:6; Psalm 103:13) and even less occasionally called him their Father when they prayed (Isaiah 63:16). But the fact that they rarely did so reveals that they didn’t relate to God primarily as a Father. Certainly not in the way Jesus did — which was also the way he taught all his followers to relate to God.." from the article: We Call Him ‘Father’


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