If We Read Our Bibles, Why Do We Need Sermons? - Ask Pastor John

Video from DesiringGod.org

"The Bible is perfect; preachers are not. So, why listen to the sermons of fallible men when we can read God’s infallible word for ourselves? If we read our Bibles, why do we need sermons? It’s a question from a listener to the podcast named Lucia. “Hello, Pastor John and Tony, I’m a high school student and have been blessed by many of your sermons and podcasts. I have a question. I know there was an old episode titled ‘If I Listen to Sermons, Why Do I Need to Read My Bible?’ I want to ask the reverse question: If I read the Bible, why do I need to listen to sermons? I feel like many people emphasize reading the Bible, saying it’s our direct way to have a relationship with God, whereas when you listen to sermons, you may be listening to someone else’s relationship with God. “Also, I know that powerful sermons can make you feel emotional, but I hear that our faith shouldn’t be based on emotions. What I mean by getting emotional is hard to explain — but the inspiring feeling where I feel God’s love, how great he is, and feel motivated to change. But once those emotions in me die down, I’m not sure where to go next. Do I read the Bible more? Or do I listen to more sermons to help me feel something again? But I digress. My main question is, Why listen to sermons if we all have the Bible to read on our own now?” Read or listen to this interview at our website: https://www.desiringgod.org/interview..." from video introduction.

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