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Inside the Persecuted Church of North Korea - North Korea's Secret Church

Video from Radical

Inside the Persecuted Church of North Korea - North Korea's Secret Church

"How is the church in North Korea growing amidst persecution? In this episode of Hard to Reach, Steven Morales talks with Eric Foley, the CEO of Voice of Martyrs Korea, to learn how the North Korean church is not only growing but has played a role in missionary work in some of the hardest places on earth. Then, we hear from Luke, an Afghan pastor, who first heard the gospel from Korean Christians who bravely shared the gospel with him in Afghanistan. 00:00 A Building is Not a Church 9:37 Revive our Hearts 13:00 Blue and Yellow Hills 16:36 Conclusion" from the video introduction

117 Witnesses Detail North Korea’s Persecution of Christians

"Two North Korean families prayed silently on the prison floor—making certain to keep their eyes open. Another detainee, a veteran of Kim Jong-il’s gulag system, asked them if they were afraid.

“No,” one of the mothers replied. “Jesus looks over us.”

The detainee began to cry, knowing the fate that awaited them. The next day, they were sent to Chongjin Susong political prison camp, and have not been heard from since.

But elsewhere in Onsong County’s pre-trial detention center, however, a different Christian prisoner closed his eyes. After confessing he was at prayer, his fellow detainees collectively assaulted him—afraid he would bring trouble on them all.." from the article:

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