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Inside the Secret Government UFO Retrieval Program - A Skeptical Look

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Be Skeptical, Be Open Minded!

Inside the Secret Government UFO Retrieval Program - A Skeptical Look

We must admit there are many reports and testimonies right now regarding UFO's/Aliens that seem beyond bizarre.

There are reports now of dozens who have come forward to testify.

So as everything gets more and more murky what are we to make of Michael Herrera's testimony?

Is it all an elaborate lie, a pysops as many believe or is it a reality that we cannot comprehend?

If we take any of this seroiusly it seems doubtful that this will ever see the light of day under current circumstances.

Sorry Alien Technology Will Not Make a Better World

We hear over and over from peopl like Herrera and Greer that this technology will eliminate poverty and give us limitless energy etc.

Yet all we must do is listen to Herrera's description of these off grid programs to see what this technology already has done and clearly it has been used for evil if all of this is true.

Will advanced alien technology or otherwise help humanity?

It will not I am afraid keep us from sin and hate and killing each other as we see across our nation and around the world.

Below is a link to a video of Michael Herrera's testimony (and others).

Dozens Of Government UFO Whistleblowers Have Given Testimony To Congress, Pentagon, And Inspectors General, Say Sources

"Despite the growing number of UFO/UAP whistleblowers, the military and the intelligence communities are fighting greater disclosure

In August, shortly after US government UFO whistleblower David Grusch gave testimony to Congress about crashed spacecraft and alien “biologics,” many observers wondered how much credence to put in his testimony. After all, Grusch is just a single individual. The other two individuals who testified before Congress were former Navy pilots who said they had no evidence of a government program to retrieve and reverse-engineer spacecraft of exotic and apparently nonhuman origin.

But at least 30 other whistleblowers working for the federal government or government contractors have given testimony, or a “protected disclosure,” to the Office of the Intelligence Community Inspector General (IC IG), the Defense Department Inspector General (DOD IG), or to Congress over the last several months, according to multiple sources interviewed by Public.

When told that whistleblowers had come forward to share information similar to that shared by Grusch with Congress, Mick West, a prominent skeptic of UFOs, said, “It'd be very interesting. You know, more people saying the same thing independently makes it more likely to be true.”

And yet the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, Thomas A. Monheim, on September 15 appeared to deny, in a letter to Congress, that his office was investigating these claims. Monheim said that his office “has not conducted any audit, inspection, evaluation, or review of alleged UAP programs within responsibility authority of the DNI that would enable … a fulsome response.”

But the way Monheim worded his response suggests he gave himself some wiggle room. Matthew Pines, a civilian intelligence analyst, noted last week that “the official taxonomy for IC IG activities includes: ‘audits, investigations, inspections, and reviews.’ Is it curious that an ‘investigation’ is not denied?... The Investigations Division is structurally separate from the Audit and Inspections & Evaluation Divisions.”

The fact that dozens of whistleblowers have come forward is not evidence of extraterrestrial life nor of a government conspiracy to cover up a retrieval or reverse-engineering program. And not all of the whistleblowers may be reporting evidence of UAPs. Some may simply be reporting illegal or unethical behavior related to UAP programs..." from the article: Dozens Of Government UFO Whistleblowers Have Given Testimony To Congress, Pentagon, And Inspectors General, Say Sources

Inside the Secret Government UFO Retrieval Program Part 1

Video from Chris Lehto

"Lehto Files investigates Michael Herrera's claims of witnessing a UFO encounter during a military mission in Indonesia in 2009. Herrera describes seeing a massive triangular craft changing colors between gray and black. After coming forward publicly in a Disclosure Project event in Washington D.C., Herrera was contacted by an alleged insider with in-depth knowledge of secret government UFO operations. The insider briefed Herrera on the history of covert UFO crash retrieval programs within the military dating back to 1947. The insider also took Herrera to a black site location where he witnessed advanced technology and secret operations firsthand. This video explores Herrera's account of his UFO sighting, his interactions with the insider source, and the implications of secret government UFO programs if true." from video introduction

Inside Secret Government UFO Retrievals - Part 2 Psionics

Video from Chris Lehto

"Dive into Part 2 of our riveting interview with Mike Herrera on The Lehto Files. Building on the eye-opening details from Part 1, Mike reveals deeper insights into the world of hidden technologies, black ops, and government secrets. Get ready for a compelling journey through covert operations, advanced technology, and explosive revelations. Watch Part 1 here: 🔹 Chapters: 00:00 - Introduction & Recap of Part 1 3:30 - The Rogue Team's Tactics & Inside Job Details 10:20 - Advanced Technology & Black Team Operators 17:00 - Psionic Predisposition Potential (P3) Assets & ET Technology 24:45 - The Human Trafficking Misconception & Reality of Black Ops 32:10 - Challenges in Disclosure & Government's Role 40:20 - The Future of Disclosure & Fight for Truth 47:30 - Personal Reflections & Closing Thoughts" from video introduction

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