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Is Atheism a New Faith?: Raymond Tallis - Closer to Truth

Video from Closer to Truth

"Is atheism a belief system, a new 'faith' as it were, in the same way that atheists claim that theism is a belief system? Atheists reject this attack asserting that they are just using critical reasoning to expose irrational theism. What would make atheism is a new 'faith'? Does atheism, like theism, have its own assumptions and ways of thinking?

Raymond C. Tallis is a a retired physician and neuroscientist from Great Britain. His resume boasts titles like philosopher, poet and novelist. He is also a member of the Academy of Medical Sciences, the Royal College of Physicians and Royal Society of Arts.

Closer to Truth, hosted by Robert Lawrence Kuhn, presents the world’s greatest thinkers exploring humanity’s deepest questions. Discover fundamental issues of existence. Engage new and diverse ways of thinking. Appreciate intense debates. Share your own opinions. Seek your own answers.

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