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Is Inspiration like "Mental Telepathy"? - Dr. Michael Heiser

Video from Dr. Michael Heiser

"When it comes to our view of Inspiration, it's easy is to take one thought, connected to the other thought, and then draw a conclusion, and say; here, I just painted a bullseye on the Bible for you. Shoot at it at will. Let the bombardment begin." from video introduction.

"In the last post, I focused on 2 Tim 3:17 for an answer to the question, “What was the point of the exercise of inspiration?” Paul gives us four purposes in this text, and it seems wise to me to approach the question from that perspective. I also noted that I have no interest in affirming “limited inerrancy.” All well and good, but I also think we need to let Scripture tell us what Scripture was intended for and not try to articulate what we believe about Scripture on some other basis – like our need as moderns of Enlightenment thinking to cram everything in a box or neat categories so we can pretend that all the problems are solved and all the questions have real time (OUR time) answers. So where’s the middle ground? I’m going to try and find that middle ground and then steer through it. I’d really like some critical input here, since I’m making this up as I go..." from the article: Inspiration and Inerrancy: Distinguishing Ends and Means, Process and Product

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