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Is It Possible to Make a Deal with the Devil?

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Is It Possible to Make a Deal with the Devil?

"Does the idea of making a deal with the devil come from the Bible? Is there any reason to think that such a deal is possible and if it is, would it be unbreakable?" from video introduction.

"What if Satan or one of his demons offered you a deal? He will give you anything your heart desires—wealth, power, beauty, great skill, etc.—in this life. In exchange, he owns your soul for all eternity.

The idea of making a deal with the devil was made popular by the classic legend of Faust, a scholar who made a bargain with a demon named Mephistopheles. Many similar stories have been told around the same theme. In some of the legends, the person tricks the devil in some way, escaping the contract and getting his soul back. In others, the devil wins with deception or a double-cross.

In any case, the idea of forfeiting one’s soul in a deal with the devil is much more cultural and literary than it is biblical. The Bible never records an account of a human being bargaining with Satan or demons.

The Bible does depict the devil as a deal-maker, however. It’s just that he is shown attempting to make deals with God Himself as opposed to mere mortals. In the book of Job, for instance, Satan proposes a kind of wager with God. If God would allow Satan to cause great suffering for Job, Satan argues, Job would surely curse God to His face (Job 1:9–11). God allows that to play out with surprising results..." from the article: Is it possible to make a deal with the devil?

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