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Is the American Church About to Die? What's Going On? - Matt Dabbs

Is the American Church About to Die? What's Going On? - Matt Dabbs

"The church as we have known it in America is in transition...the model of church we are accustomed to is going out the door and it is being replaced by something less centralized, more dependent on God, and more on the margins. What this means is, the church in America is going back to its roots and the paradigm of church we are used to is dying a slow and painful death. This presents a marvelous opportunity to leverage our resources for the good of the Kingdom! What is happening out there? How did COVID accelerate the change? What will it look like when the church is pushed out of its comfort zone? What new paradigms are emerging? I am as hopeful as ever about Christianity in America and the least hopeful I have been on the American version of church that most of us grew up on. Link to the book - Chapters: 00:00 = Intro 01:01 - COVID acceleration 01:59 - Church on the margins 02:37 - Church out of our comfort zone 04:36 - No condemnation needed 05:07 - Refocused churches 05:44 - Church in the wilderness 08:10 - A parable for our situation 10:31 - Brave New Leaders 11:13 - The Cycle of Church Life " from the video introduction

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