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Is the Face of Jesus Christ a True Image?: His real appearance explained - EWTN Vaticano

Video from EWTN (This Week on Vaticano for April 5th, 2020: A special episode where we search for the Face of God. Episode 424.)

We all wonder what the human face of our Lord looks like. And we use our imaginations to see him. But one day, perhaps even sooner than we think we will die and be face to face with our physical human Lord!!

I look forward to seeing him.

Yet in our spiritual relationship with him and through the person of the Holy Spirit we know him or we should!

Theses videos and articles offer some edification about what our Lord may look like.

"It is the face known around the world. Though it sometimes appears with different shades of skin, the general characteristics are consistent: long hair, a beard, and a slender and somber face. This face is portrayed through paintings, sculptures, crucifixes and movies.

It is the face immediately recognized as Jesus Christ.

But, as we show in our article “What Did and Didn’t Jesus Look Like?” the Bible reveals very little about what Jesus looked like. And what it does reveal contradicts the popular image you may have in your mind—an image that has been planted there by artists and filmmakers..." from the article: Where Did the Popular Image of Jesus Come From?

"Forensic science just revealed the most realistic face of Jesus ever and it's far different than the fair-skinned, long-haired and blue-eyed Savior most of the Western world has grown accustomed to..." from the article: Forensic Science Reveals Most 'Real' Face of Jesus Ever

Forensic Depiction of Christ

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