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Is this Where Jesus was Tried by Pontius Pilate?

Video from Expedition Bible

"In the 1970s, excavations of the western side of Jerusalem's Old City uncovered a monumental gate that led into Herod the Great’s palace complex. Could this be where Jesus was tried by Pontius Pilate and condemned to be crucified? What does the archaeological evidence show?" from video introduction

Archaeologist Believes He’s Found Site of Jesus’s Trial by Pontius Pilate

"Jerusalem Old City dig uncovers 2,700 years of history, with layers from the time of the First Temple through the Roman, Crusader and Ottoman periods.

JERUSALEM (JTA) — When Amit Re’em embarked on a 1999 excavation of an abandoned Ottoman prison in the Old City of Jerusalem, he didn’t expect anything revolutionary.

The dig was primarily aimed at inspecting the site before it was transformed into an event space for the nearby Tower of David Museum, and Re’em, then just 28, hoped at most to uncover some remains of a Herodian palace, or maybe part of a wall from the second century.

He did find those things — along with much more.

In one 49 meters by 9 meters (160 feet by 30 feet) space, Re’em unearthed an archaeological timeline of Jerusalem dating back 2,700 years. Layers from nearly every era of the city’s history lay on top of each other, from the time of the First Temple through the Roman, Crusader and Ottoman periods, and up to Israel’s independence in 1948.

Remains from those eras are strewn throughout the Old City, but rarely are they found so close together or so well preserved.." from the article: Archaeologist believes he’s found site of Jesus’s trial by Pontius Pilate

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