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Is Trump a Criminal or a Martyr!

Trump photo
Signs of a Totalitarian regime

A public, (not all Americans but a foolish minority), that has become so morally bankrupt as to applaud and cheer criminal and foolish behavior has laid the groundwork for the death of the Republic and the acceptance of Authoritarianism Trump style.

Are we so weak as a people that we need a foolish and dishonest ego maniac to tell us what we should do?

The Democrats have not cornered the market on being foolish and corrupt, the Republicans have their own style of Nation killing.

When the Democrats are gone then we will find ourselves living in a copy of Russia. yet we are too foolish and sinful to know the difference.

God often turns over a nation to what and whom it wants even if destruction follows.

Trump will take us there, he is no martyr he is a destroyer!

In this excellent article by Robert Golding from The Gospel Coalition he makes an excellent case for honoring government officials even if they are ungodly, as long as they do godly things.

But how far can we take this? Can we continue to support someone who is obviously corrupt and evil as long as we are getting what we want??

Can I Vote for a Sinful Political Candidate?

"The majority of scholars agree with the traditional interpretation that Paul’s interlude in Romans 13:1–7 on civil obedience is an instruction to Christians to properly behave as subjects to unchristian Roman authority. Paul knows that the vast majority of governing authorities are not Christ-followers, and this is the impetus for his remarks. Since the rulers are not part of God’s family, what should the dynamic be between God’s children and the children of Adam?

I argue that Paul’s teaching frees the conscience of Christians to vote for political candidates that display radically unchristian behavior. This is because Paul is taking for granted that the rulers in Rome are depraved pagans, yet he instructs the Roman church to engage in a symbiotic relationship with them. Since Paul tells the Romans to give honor to depraved pagans, Christians today can vote for similarly depraved pagans with clear consciences.." from the article: Can I Vote for a Sinful Political Candidate?

The FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago Will Either Make Donald Trump a Criminal or a Martyr

Opinion: Federal law says anyone holding classified documents illegally 'shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States.'

"We need to take a breath, whether we like it or not.

We don’t know anything for certain yet about the results of the search warrant executed on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

And yet news of the FBI raid has sent Trump and his supporters into a caterwauling frenzy unseen since Anthony Perkins pulled back the shower curtain on Janet Leigh in “Psycho.”

Trying to prove his Trump bona fides, for example, was Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. He issued a statement on Twitter reading in part, “The Department of Justice has reached an intolerable state of weaponized politization.”

AG Garland is not one for bold moves

He goes going on to threaten Attorney General Merrick Garland with investigation after the midterm elections.

What McCarthy knows, however, and what everyone in Washington, D.C., knows, is that Garland is a cautious man.

He does not make bold moves.

He is not reckless.

If anything, his critics call him overly cautious.

In order for federal investigators to get a search warrant for the home of a former president, the Department of Justice would have had to convince a federal judge that they believe it contained evidence relevant to a criminal investigation that might be hidden or in danger of being destroyed.

That is not an easy sell when the home is owned by an average American. Imagine how difficult it must be when it’s owned by a former president.." from the article: The FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago Will Either Make Donald Trump a Criminal or a Martyr

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