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Israel Unveiled Volume 1: Mount of Beatitudes - Amir Tsarfati

Video from Behold Israel with Amir Tsarfati

Israel Unveiled Volume 1

"Israel Unveiled Vol. 1 is a journey through 11 different sites in the land of the Bible with Amir Tsarfati." from video introduction

"So here we are on the Mount of the Beatitudes. There’s no doubt this is the scene of probably the most taught and analyzed sermon in the history of mankind. The Bible says that Jesus, seeing the multitudes, went up on a mountain, sat down as a teacher should, opened His mouth, and taught. That teaching is probably the subject of thousands of sermons that were written later on by so many pastors and teachers in history. However, in my eyes, the sermon on the Mount is one of the most misunderstood messages of Jesus. And the reason is people take it out of context. People take it out of the context of the land, the people, and of Jesus’ other words, and other teachings. Here we are on the Jewish side of the Sea of Galilee, at the time of Jesus. We all know that at the time of Jesus, the Sea of Galilee behind me was not all Jewish-inhabited. We know that at least two-thirds of the lake was actually inhabited by Gentile pagans. It is the Jewish people who controlled only that northwestern shores of the Sea of Galilee from that canyon over there, all the way throughout the Mountain of Beatitudes; we have Magdala, we have Gennesareth, we have Tabgha, and, of course, Capernaum, Bethsaida, and Chorazin. So, we are here in a predominantly Jewish-inhabited area, and Jesus, knowing that most of the listeners here are Jews, well-versed Jews when it comes to the Word and the traditions, is now giving them probably one of the most amazing teachings they.." from the transcript.


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