Jesus Christ - Part 4 - Christianity for Beginners

Video from Bibletalktv

"The Christian faith is based on the person of Jesus Christ. In this lesson we will look closely at this person in order to more clearly define His true nature and character." from video introduction.

Who is Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ? No more profound yet obvious question can be asked.

The next question is do you know him? He is a PERSON to be known!

What kind of Lord is Jesus? Christ only deserves our obedience and admiration. We acknowledge him with our taxes and military service, our adoration and delight.

He is not a selfish Lord, but a self-sacrificing Lord, not a tyrant, but a kind Lord.

He is our greatest treasure, a lord so good that we would sell all that we have to be his servant giving ourselves to the treasure he is (Matthew 13:44).

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