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JESUS ENDS OUR GUILT, OUR SHAME & OUR DARKNESS--His Hope Ends Dirtiness, Guiltiness & Darkness

Video from DTBM

"Verse 75 says this, it says we are in holiness and righteousness before him all the days of our life he ends our dirtiness, you see the Lord says you're walking before my sight I see you all the time and through the work of my son my son was executed in your place and so therefore I look on you as having his holiness and his righteousness so you never feel dirty, you never feel defiled you never have to be defeated by sin again and that's tied to this.

He takes away in verse 77 our guiltiness notice what it says in holiness and righteousness verse 75 and then verse 77 to give knowledge of salvation to his people by the remission the release of the debt remission means that the sins are released they're they're not attached to us anymore it's kind of like they're they're released you know catch and release it's the idea that the sins that that were clinging to us are removed and remitted from us and therefore we don't have to be struck by guilt many years ago the the mental health community realized that one of the biggest problems for people suffering with with all types of struggles mentally were the the guilt-induced ones so what they did is they basically tried to make nothing wrong that's where we've gotten in culture you know it's it's only wrong if if public opinion says it's wrong but god says no within you there is sin and Jesus came verse 77 to give knowledge of salvation and to remove our sins and take away the guilt that's attached to them and then The last promise of Christ in salvation is that he promises that he would end our darkness verse 79 says that god says we're all born sitting in the dark we're blind we're in the dark we're on the edge of death the precipice the the pit the chasm of death and that he comes and look what he does in in verse 78 in his tender mercy his he is the sunrise the day spring on high he visits us and shines light to us who sit in the darkness verse 79 and guides us into the way of peace we don't have to in the dark be confused about why we're here we don't have to feel abandoned and and that that we're just kind of like as carl sagan said we're just this blip on a speck in the midst of a great cosmos that that were abandoned by you know the powers that made us and we never have to live in the dark again he ends all that and that's what his salvation is." transcipt

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